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Job Title
Shipping/Receiving Manager, A|X Pentagon City
Shopping Center
Pentagon City
Arlington, Virginia
United States
Position type
Store Management
18 & Over

Shipping/Receiving Manager, A|X Pentagon City

Position Overview: 

The Shipping/Receiving Manager is responsible to support the selling function of the boutique by managing the areas of shipping/receiving, alterations, point-of-sale, human resources, building maintenance, operating budgets/invoicing/expenses.

Core Responsibilities:

  • To ensure efficient and secure movement of all merchandise
  • To ensure that all shipping/receiving policies, procedures and directives are understood and executed consistently and effectively
  • To recruit, develop, guide and train the shipping/receiving staff
  • To ensure that the department collaborates with all other departments to ensure smooth operation of facility
  • Understand, abide by and implement all policies and procedures
  • Understand, abide by and implement all directives as given
  • Ensure that all associates are aware of their responsibilities and duties in relation to the shipping/receiving department
  • Ensure shipping/receiving files and records are maintained and organized
  • Maintain inventory in an efficient, clean, secure, organized, and accessible fashion and communicates this method of organization to all associates
  • Anticipate merchandise maintenance needs, execute, and lead plan of action
  • Ensure all merchandise is accurately ticketed, re-ticketed, censored and re-censored
  • Ensure proper and secure storage of all merchandise
  • Maintain all shipping/receiving equipment and systems inclusive of records of repairs and maintenance
  • Thoroughly understand and effectively use and provide training for all systems in relation to the shipping/receiving department <x{(}>(I.e. SAP, NAIS, Shipping Programs)
  • Control shipping/receiving expenses and ensure accurate records of all expenses
  • Process all shipping/receiving invoices and expenses in accordance with Company directives
  • Effective participate in the timely preparation and completion of all inventories and cycle counts
  • Facilitate shipping/receiving directives in regards to inventories and cycle counts
  • Maintain an active role in the inventory reconciliation process
  • Effectively use reports and reporting systems to supervise inventory
  • Control shrinkage through effective use of tools, policies and procedures
  • Manage and process all inter-store transfers, stock rotations and incoming/outgoing shipments as per policy and procedures
  • Anticipate inventory needs and suggest plan of action
  • Understand and properly execute all paperwork and procedures relative to inventory maintenance <x{(}>(I.e. Damages, RTV’s, etc.)
  • Ensure all shipping/receiving associates complete the orientation process
  • Ensure all Human Resources paperwork <x{(}>(inclusive of training, payroll and benefits paperwork) for shipping/receiving staff is processed correctly and in a timely manner
  • Ensure all shipping/receiving associates are aware of and abide by all Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Continually evaluates the performance of the shipping/receiving staff and provide constant feedback to improve results
  • Ensure consistent standards of grooming and image of the shipping/receiving staff
  • Resolve all interpersonal issues of the shipping/receiving staff in a timely and effective manner
  • Provide and document progressive counseling when appropriate
  • Conduct and participate in staff meetings and training seminars
  • Ensure timely and effectively annual performance appraisals for all shipping/receiving staff
  • Collaborate closely with and provide support to the General Manager to insure smooth operation of facility in all areas pertaining to shipping/receiving and facility maintenance
  • Ensure highest standards in the wrapping and packaging client merchandise
  • Supervise all aspects of the client delivery process including troubleshooting
  • Collaborate with and support Loss/Prevention department in all areas of risk management, physical security , store controls, inventory management, inter-store communication and L/P audits and procedures
  • Maintain and order all supplies necessary for operation of department and store


  • Minimum 3+ years of management experience in related field
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and Power Point
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills both verbal and written
  • Able to speak effectively in interpersonal situations
  • Strong independent work ethic, excellent time management skills, and organizational abilities
  • College degree or equivalent

Physical Requirements:

  • Strength – Ability to comfortably lift a minimum of 35 pounds without assistance to a height of 4 feet and a distance of 10 feet. Frequent stooping required to pick up boxes at floor level.
  • Movement – Majority of work is performed on foot. Ability to frequently stand, walk, reach up, and climb short ladders. Hand Dexterity required for at least one had to operate registers and complete paperwork.
  • Auditory & Vision – Ability to constantly hear and see safety signals, read labels, registers, computers, etc.
  • The position requires significant demands on these physical requirements throughout the entire work shift.